Salt Me Sip Me Crew Socks Medium

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Salt, lime, and tequila go together like Chinese food and chocolate pudding. If you don’t understand the reference, let us paint you a picture with these margarita socks. It’s 2021, the quarantine is over, you look good and feel good. You’re thriving, sipping icy margaritas on a beach in Cabo. The waiter walks up to you and asks if you want another, you simply point to your salt and lime socks, give the nod and he arrives promptly a minute later with a fresh glass. That is what it feels like to slide into the funny socks. Enough said, now salt our rim and join our foot fiesta.

Art By: Riley Gish | @rileygish

Crew Height

Light Cushioning

42% combed cotton, 34% nylon, 20% polyester, 4% elastane

Size M is men's size 4-9 women's size 6-11