Men's Space Alone Crew Sock


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Do you wonder how in the world could we be the only planet in the universe with living creatures such as ourselves? We like to believe WE ARE NOT ALONE. Wearing these funny men's socks with planets, comets, stars, and aliens let everyone know you are at least willing to accept sharing the world.

SIZE: fits men's shoe sizes 7-12 / women's shoe sizes 9-14

 FIT: over the calf, below the knee

CONTENT: 65% cotton, 15% nylon, 15% polyester, 5% spandex

BLENDED FOR COMFORT: Our custom blend of cotton, nylon, polyester, and spandex makes these socks breathable, soft, and incredibly comfortable.

HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The reinforced toe and stay-up top band provides a comfortable fitting sock that stays in place all day.

HIGH NEEDLE COUNT: Our socks are made with a 200 needle count, meaning they are denser and softer, and allow for our designs to look crisp and clean.