Level Up Crew Socks Medium

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Ahh, the 90’s. A much simpler time indeed. A time when Skate City was actually open, PacMan had more ghost friends than we did, and Tamagotchis found a home in the hands of every kid in America. We’ve dedicated a pair of funny socks to the golden era of fun with our Level Up 90’s print socks. These throwback socks feature a nostalgic print that’ll remind you or a friend where the modern world was molded and match flawlessly with that neon windbreaker that’s collecting dust in your Dad’s closet.

Art By: Jourdan Johnson | @xojourdanlouise

Crew Height

Light Cushioning

47% polyester, 42% nylon, 8% combed cotton, 3% elastane
Size M is men's size 4-9 women's size 6-11