Kids's Tree-Rex Dinosaur Crew Sock -Size 12 - 5 Youth


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While this is definitely not what is taught in science class, what kid doesn't want to see a Big Bad T-Rex build a snow-dino with a Parasaurolophus on their holiday socks? Carnivores and herbivores can be friends! (We joke, they cannot.) Listen, kids love dinosaurs. Kids love the holidays. You can't go wrong here. Plus, you can turn this into a fun lesson about dinosaurs or terrify them for the unforeseeable future with a viewing of Jurassic Park!These delightful snowman novelty socks will be a winner with your kiddos when the weather gets cold and the holidays begin. The boucle textured snow and smiling snowman face will get your kids through the cold winter, the holidays and beyond.

Kid's size 10 - 1 Youth

65% Cotton 15% Nylon 15% Polyester 5% Spandex