Good Fat Crew Socks Medium

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Literally spread your love for avocados with these avocado socks, coined The Good Fat. These guac socks pay homage to a superfruit (yup, avo is actually a fruit) that is packed with omega 3 and perfect for spreading on your toast, burrito, or S.O. (if you’re looking to switch things up in the bedroom). Haters may say you’re fat, but you’re the good kind of fat. Now spend $14.99 on avocado socks and not toast. A smarter investment indeed.

Art By: Kurtis Schureman⎟@marrowcalifornia

Crew Height

Light Cushioning

48% combed cotton, 26% nylon, 22% polyester, 4% elastane
Size M is men's size 4-9 women's size 6-11